Personal Projects

Unlikely Trio was a fun little personal project I worked on ‘for the hell of it’. I was living in Vancouver at the time and the big craze was pressed and fresh juices. There always seemed to be so many extra ingredients in these juices that I thought were unnecessary. I thought it would be a good idea to have a consistent three ingredients per bottle and brand it in an unusual way. Three unlikely ingredients with an unlikely mascot was the birth of Unlikely Trio.

I love coffee. It’s an understatement for anyone who knows me. So it’s only natural to want to have some fun with a personal project around coffee. As I like to drink it at all times of the day, I thought I would leverage that and create morning, afternoon and night blends. Having a bit of a mascot for each blend was a fun little addition and the name ‘slurp’ really makes you visualise the enjoyment of drinking coffee… any time of the day.

Circ was a project very close to my heart. While completing a short internship at Blue Marlin in Sydney, there was an in-house competition for al the interns for that year. The brief was to use a word from a list on nonsensical word that was provided to us, and create a piece of FMCG packaging that branded ourselves. I chose the word Circ and took it down the ‘circus’ route as I have always been a bit of a clown. I chose to brand ice-cream containers as I had previously worked at Cold Rock Ice Creamery. I was able to express my personality and creativity through this project and it was the winning entry into the SPARK Awards for Blue Marlin for that year. The prize took me to London to work as a junior in the Blue Marlin office for three months. I ended up staying an extra three months, working in the Bath office also as a junior. This little project led to six of the best months of my life, over in the UK.

Once again, my love of coffee has always been strong. This was a project I did while studying at Billy Blue College of Design and it included me finding old hessian coffee sacks and redeveloping them into small carry bags for coffee beans. The idea was that small independent cafes could source different coffees from different parts of the world and pass these on to their customers. The customers could then receive different colour cups based on the blend they chose to create conversation and community around these small independent cafes. It was all about highlighting the coffee itself and the origin of which it came from.

While living in Vancouver, I was missing my dog. As a bit of a homage to her, I wanted to work on a quick little project around branding for dog food and treats. Also, as a branding project, not many people think of creating dog food as a project. It was just a bit of fun incorporating branding, typography and a subdued colour palette to create a slight level of sophistication.