In-house Design

I created a few examples, but settled on the design on the right (front and back) as an invite for our staff Christmas party in 2014.

The 2015 staff Christmas party was 1920’s/Gatsby themed.
The invitation followed suit and was just the start of a beautifully decorated and costumed party.

The left example was a simple design, quickly put together for our carnival themed staff Christmas party.
The bottom two colourful Christmas cards were designed in-house for the Blue Marlin team in the UK.

Created as part of a marketing campaign for Open Colleges, these designs demonstrated the balance between studying online and living a normal life. Combining your passion with your studies to forge a new path in life.

On the left are some sample persona infographics to help demonstrate a particular target audience. The image on the right is an exploration of a donut chart with a key/legend to demonstrate statistics within some Open Colleges online course material.